Website security

Ensure the highest level of security of your page and your clients.

Effective protection against hacker attacks, theft of sensitive data, passwords, and other threats.

Solid security plan

Over 30% of websites on the Internet are built on WordPress. Due to their popularity, these pages have become a popular and easy target for hacker attacks and bots.

Protection against page hack

The security of your website is crucial. Thanks to the right protection you will avoid loss of your customers' data and sensitive personal information. We will also save your website from security breaches and installation of malware.

Security on
a user level
Secure themes
and plugins

Regular backups

Act preventively and systematically backup your websites. Some breakdowns and errors are hard to predict despite using other protective measures. Focus on your business and sleep well. Restore your website with one click every time you need it.

Security guarantee

Regularly generated copy of the website guarantees full security of your e-business.

Quick repair

In the event of an unforeseen failure, restore the site to operation in no time.

Be up to date
thanks to updates

Resources that your website uses are constantly updated by its creators (WordPress engine and plugins).

Lack of updates creates security gaps that expose your website to hacker attacks and harmful bots. These, in consequence, may lead to deterioration of the Google search rank and loss of credibility in your customers' eyes.

In order to ensure th proper functioning of a website, regular updates are a must.

Full security

Unskilled updates of website components can lead to serious errors. Trust our experience.

Testing environment

Key updates are installed on a safe copy of a website thanks to what your business is always online.

24/7 monitoring

Your website is permanently vulnerable to different forms of attacks. Our systems constantly analyze the traffic on the website and detect potential attacks and security gaps.


Systematic reports on the safety of your website and the prevented threats.

Fast reaction

In case of problems, we react immediately.

A safe website means safe business

Google blacklists approximately 10,000 websites daily due to malware and approximately 50,000 weekly due to phishing.

Secure your website today!

Take care of your customers' safety. They are the most important, aren't they?

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