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40% of users will leave your website if
it loads longer than 3 seconds. Change it!

Optimize your website

Turn your slow website into a fast one
that your customers will love

Lower marketing

Think about the way you use the Internet every day

You expect quick responses and instant results. Users of your website expect the same!

Give it to them as fast as possible

WordPress optimization

Website's loading speed has direct impact on user's satisfaction. The comfort is obviously not all, though:

  • better conversion
  • higher position in Google search results
  • higher sales revenue
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Protect your website comprehensively. Use the most effective solutions to ensure it has maximum security.

  • Protection against hacker attacks
  • Data security
  • Continuous monitoring of security features
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Everything you need to sleep well. Finally, you can focus on your business while we take care of your website.

  • Web developer's assistance in managing the page
  • Support for WooCommerce stores
  • Assistance in urgent situations
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10 x faster website

Our dedicated team will change with laser precision
Your website in a super fast service!

biurorachunkowe.it - wynik testu z przed optymalizacji speedupninja.com dla testu Google Page Insight
Before optimization
biurorachunkowe.it - wynik testu po optymalizacji speedupninja.com dla testu Google Page Insight
After optimization

Optimization of the website will generate income

A fast and optimized website will improve user experience (UX) and generate more income. See how!

Increased conversion rate

Slow websites kill conversion. Fast loading websites have higher conversion ratios and lower rejection rates.

Faster purchasing decisions

A faster website doesn't distract your clients and lets them focus on what you offer.

Better user experience

The faster the website the more user friendly it is because it simply works better. It's the only way to have your website work as it should.

Benefit for your brand

It's simple psychology. Your clients, followers, and people that visit your page will immediately judge you and your business. A fast website means a great first impression.

Lower retention

The faster one is the winner. 79% of people buying online say that they wouldn't return to a website if they have problems with loading speed.

Better sales

Fast websites sell better. You should aim for the fastest page in your industry. E-commerce that loads slowly sells badly.

SEO support

Google likes speed. The faster the website the better the position in search results.

Fewer abandoned checkouts

Slowly loading store offer discourages the user from making a purchase. According to Google's research, an increase in page speed can reduce the rate of checkout abandonment by 20%.

Lower bounce rate

Faster websites are more interesting. Increase in page loading speed will make a user stay longer on your website.

Better mobile experience

Page speed on mobile devices is crucial. As many as 47% of mobile users expect your website to load in less than 3 seconds.

I'm in!

Huston, we don’t have a problem

With WordPress, we've been to the moon and back. It's been our daily (and sometimes nightly) bread for over 12 years.

At Speedupninja, we believe that websites can work better, faster, and more securely. Unfortunately, this aspect is often neglected during the website building process. That's why we are happy that we can speed up your page using our experience. Thanks to that your customers will fall in love with it again. And they are what's important, aren't they?

Speedupninja - Szybka strona to nie tylko czynnik rankingowy w Google, ale przede wszystkim bardzo ważny element UX, który w znacznym stopniu wpływa m.in. na konwersję. Zawsze informujemy o tym fakcie klientów i zalecamy stosowne zmiany optymalizacyjne w zakresie szybkości ładowania serwisów. Współpraca z zespołem speedup.ninja gwarantuje terminową i w pełni profesjonalną realizację powierzonych zadań, a także proaktywne działanie wykraczające często poza sam core usługi.

I've been running Seolit - an interactive agency from Wroclaw - since 2017r. A fast website is not only an important factor for Google search rank but also a very important UX feature which significantly affects conversion. We always inform our clients about it and advise specific changes to improve the speed of their website. Cooperation with Speedup Ninja guarantees timely and professional realization of work as well as proactive behavior going beyond the original scope of the service.

Krzysztof Sacała, Seolit.pl

Speedupninja - Z zespołem Speedupninja miałem okazję współpracować przy kilku projektach. Jedną ze zdecydowanych zalet tej współpracy to terminowość i bezkompromisowa egzekucja każdego detalu.

I had an opportunity to work with the SpeedUp Ninja team on several projects. One of the biggest advantages of this cooperation was the timeliness and uncompromising execution of every detail.

Grzegorz Kańduła, Amooco

Speedupninja - We współpracy z zespołem Speedupninja najbardziej doceniam fakt, że nie tylko przyspieszają strony na WordPress, ale można liczyć także na wsparcie w zakresie UX oraz opracowania i wdrożenia polityki analityki internetowej.

The thing I appreciate the most about the cooperation with the team at SpeedUp Ninja is the fact that they not only speed up pages built on WordPress but you can also count on them when it comes to UX support as well as creating and implementing an internet analysis policy.

Paweł Wach, Robimy Social Media

How it works

Cooperation with SpeedupNinja is very simple.

Give us the address of the website, that you want to optimize and your contact details so that we can get back to you.

We'll work together for a while so let's get to know each other. Our account manager will contact you.

We will prepare an audit of your page where we'll identify problems and indicate areas that need improvements.

We'll speed up, improve the performance, stabilize, and secure your website to make sure it works as intended.

Every day of every month, we will monitor, optimize, and secure your website.

Don't wait and optimize your website today

Be honest, you can't afford to have a slowly loading website. Benefit from our expertise and speed up your business.

Take care of your customers' comfort. Don't make them wait.
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